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Surya Packaging Industries was established in 2017 and is the only manufacturing facility in Seychelles that produces Non-woven carrier bags. Upon the ban of plastic carry bags, Surya Group established Surya packaging to cater to the gap in the market. On average Surya Packaging supplies around 5 tons of Non-woven bags to the local market on a monthly basis. Surya Packaging Industries is able to provide customizable solution to suit specific requirements such as size, models, fabric colors and Logo printing.


All our products are made in Seychelles, with our set of high end machinery. Engaging our best effort to a greener tomorrow all our bags are 100% recyclable and remove the heavy burden that the previous options was adding to the environment, and of course we try to build it to hold maximum weight possible by maintaining the highest quality.

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Learn a bit more about our services to know what we offer! We are here to meet your needs and to provide you with high-class services . 

non woven bags

Non woven Bags

After the ban on plastic was implemented in Seychelles, through innovation we decided to help the our fellow locals find an alternative through our non-woven bags. We usually keep a wide array of colors on hand to try to best match the brand of our customers. Usually the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) we start at is 40 KG, and can be increase to confidently match any customers need on the islands.

Printed Bags

As being the only manufacturer of this type of bag on the island we offer a wide array of options to our customer from choosing the different custom options available or making something a bit different. Additional to the different types of bags on offer, we also offer mass produced bags with the logo print, which does come at a small extra cost to get the plates made, and a little more expensive than none-printed bags.

The logo can have up to a maximum of 4 colors and each of the color will be on an individual template. During the consultation we do offer some advised on have to yield the best match for colors on the bag, but all in all we look forward to be able to tell you more in person.

SCCI innovation award surya packaging

High Quality

In line with our vision, we always strive to bring a product that is of the highest possible quality possible to the market, and we have even been recognized national as a leader in innovation for the Seychelles' market by SCCI.

Father and Son owner of Surya group
A united team improving Seychelles
With a strong family involvement we have created a company with the aim to help create a better tomorrow and strive as much as we can to be hands ensure superior product quality.

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